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French Fries Silicone Night Light - Add a fun and whimsical touch to your space with this adorable French fries shaped night light!

Brand: QZOO or OEM

Product Material: ABS+Silicone

Battery Capacity: 500mah

Battery Specification: Polymer lithium battery

Light Source: LED lamp bead

Rated Power: 2W

Power supply: USB power supply

Charging Time: 2 hours

Battery Life: 4-8 hours

Product Size: 115*145*128mm

Color Box Size: 116*149*132mm

Gross Weight of Product: 125g

Net Weight of Product: 118g

Product Color: red, black

Two modes: Always mode or turns off automatically after 30 seconds

Color modes: warm and cold

Three adjustable gears: 30%/50%/100%

Application: gifts, bedroom, desk, decorations

Printed LOGO: Accepted

Customized Service: Accepted

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Product Description

Elevate your bedroom ambiance with the irresistible French Fries Silicone Night Light, a playful and quirky addition to your living space. Made from durable silicone material, this night light features a delightful design in the shape of everyone's favorite fast-food treat, adding a touch of fun and whimsy to your decor. The soft, warm light it emits casts a cozy glow, setting a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for winding down at the end of the day or adding a touch of character to your space.

Designed for ease of use and convenience, the French Fries Silicone Night Light is simple to operate and portable. It can be effortlessly recharged using the included USB cable, providing hours of gentle illumination on a single charge. The compact and lightweight design makes it versatile for various settings, whether you want to use it at home, during travel, or as a comforting night light. Let the playful charm of the French Fries Night Light bring a touch of whimsical flair and brightness to your bedroom decor.

Safety and sustainability are key considerations with the French Fries Silicone Night Light, ensuring a worry-free lighting solution. The energy-efficient LED light inside the night light generates minimal heat, ensuring it remains cool to the touch even after extended use. Constructed from non-toxic and BPA-free silicone material, this night light offers a safe environment for all, especially children. With its long-lasting LED bulb, you can enjoy the delightful ambiance of the French Fries Night Light while reducing energy consumption and the frequency of bulb replacements. Illuminate your evenings with the playful and charming French Fries Silicone Night Light, a whimsical and entertaining lighting option that adds a sprinkle of fun and cheer to your personal haven.


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