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Adorable Cow Silicone Night Light: Whimsical LED Lamp for Kids' Bedrooms, 7 Color Changing Modes, Touch Sensor Control, Safe and Soothing Glow

Brand: QZOO or OEM

Product Material: ABS+Silicone

Battery Capacity: 500mah

Battery Specification: Polymer lithium battery

Light Source: LED lamp bead

Rated Power: 2W

Power supply: USB power supply

Charging Time: 2 hours

Battery Life: 4-6 hours

Product Size: 140*135*130mm

Color Box Size: 116*149*132mm

Gross Weight of Product: 320g

Net Weight of Product: 230g

Product Color: green, pink, brown

Three adjustable gears: 30%/50%/100%

Application: gifts, bedroom, desk, decorations

Printed LOGO: Accepted

Customized Service: Accepted

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Product Description

Add a touch of whimsy and charm to your child's bedroom with the delightful Adorable Cow Silicone Night Light. Shaped like a cute cow, this LED lamp is designed to create a playful and soothing atmosphere that sparks imagination and creativity in kids' spaces. The gentle glow emitted by the night light provides a calming presence, perfect for bedtime or as a fun decorative element to enhance the room's ambiance.

Featuring seven color-changing modes and touch sensor control, the Cow Silicone Night Light offers versatility and interactive options for children. Kids can choose their preferred color or enjoy the light transitioning through different hues, adding a magical touch to their bedtime routine. The touch sensor control allows for easy operation, empowering kids to adjust the light with a simple touch, fostering a sense of engagement and control over their environment.

Safety is a top priority with the Adorable Cow Silicone Night Light, ensuring a secure and comforting glow in kids' bedrooms. The energy-efficient LED technology ensures minimal heat production, keeping the surface of the night light cool to touch even after extended use. Constructed from non-toxic silicone material, this night light creates a healthy and peaceful setting for children. With its eco-friendly design and long-lasting LED bulb, the Cow Silicone Night Light offers a sustainable lighting solution that brings joy, comfort, and a sense of tranquility to kids' rooms. Illuminate your child's space with the whimsical and lovable Adorable Cow Silicone Night Light, a safe and enchanting lighting companion that fosters a magical and relaxing bedtime experience.


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